Bamboo Removal Sidmouth

Bamboo Removal Sidmouth

Bamboo is an invasive species and can cause serious problems, it has the ability to spread quickly and to penetrate weaknesses in homes and gardens. With it’s power easily spreading  through cracks in paths, walls, foundations and drives.
It is not uncommon to find growth coming up inside of houses !
Bamboo spreads underground, travelling out of sight into new areas to colonise.
With its ability to travel under fences and hedges into neighbouring homes and gardens you could soon be faced with potentially costly consequences to deal with the colonisatio in their property.

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Bamboo Removal Sidmouth

With bamboo being an invasive species it is vital not to ignore the issue, to act quickly before the extent of your problem becomes worse.

We offer honest advice, realistic expectations, we do not over exaggerate the problem just to increase your anxiety.

As a local business, your satisfaction matters to us, we are not a faceless nationwide type business.
Our numerous 5* Google reviews speak volumes of our workmanship and client care.

Bamboo Removal Sidmouth 07485 411618

Bamboo Removal Sidmouth

The Irony of Bamboo

It is ironic how such a destructive invasive plant is totally overlooked by so many people. There are two main reasons for this. Dried bamboo canes are such a common sight in many gardens, this familiarity removes the concerns from homeowners over bamboo growing in their gardens.
Bamboo was also actively promoted on television gardening programmes as a fast growing attractive form of screening, absolutely perfect for small urban gardens to give privacy from neighbours.
It’s exotic oriental appearance absolutely perfect for character around patio and decking seating areas, where in actual fact these were the last places bamboo should be allowed to colonise.

Bamboo is very similar to Japanese Knotweed in many ways, yet it does not have currently the same bad reputation, however is some ways bamboo can be far more destructive than Japanese Knotweed.

Bamboo creates strong woody canes, far stronger than Japanese Knotweed, it is this woody characteristic of the rhizome that makes bamboo so destructive.

The ever expanding clump or the rapidly expanding running rhizomes very easily penetrate any weaknesses in walls, paths, patios and drives and similar. The power of the expanding rhizome will open up cracks, lift paving slabs, also penetrating through any weak areas in concrete and tarmac, leading to very costly remedial works.

Bamboo Removal Methods

We always offer the most suitable treatment method to suit your unique situation, honest advice, realistic expectations.
Using a combination of physical removal and chemical treatment we offer the most effective management of your bamboo.

Herbicide Only

The only realistic option if you have bamboo growth emerging from hard landscaped areas such as patios, from cracks in walls or through decking areas.
This method does not involve any destructive works such as digging, leaving areas effectively undisturbed.
This method will require a number of treatments to stop growth.

  1. The first treatment would leave the bamboo canes untouched in terms of height and number. Herbicide would be applied and left to work.
  2. Second stage would be removal of above surface dead canes. Herbicide would be applied to any live foliage.
  3. A repeat of stage 2. This would be repeated until no growth appears.

Due to the fact that rhizomes are not removed, there is always the chance that new growth may appear at sometime in the future.
We would only recommend this method in situations where the bamboo can not be physically removed.

Physical Removal

Absolutely our preferred method.
All accessible above vegetation removed.
Underground rhizomes removed via digging. Soil to be reinstated after removing as much rhizome as possible.
Any bamboo that is inaccessible will be treated with herbicide.
Advice given for how to use and manage area going forward.

Future Management.

Bamboo is invasive and highly regenerative, it is possible that a small amount of new young growth may appear from any small amounts of rhizome remaining.
In the event that new small growth appears, this can usually be managed with herbicide treatment, as growth would be small and young.

Bamboo Removal Sidmouth

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