Personal Protection Equipment PPE

Personal protection equipment is the very first item on the check list in any business involved with tree surgery or hedge maintenance.

Every single job will involve tools and machinery that can injure and possibly cause a much worse outcome.

If a tree surgeon or hedge contractor arrives wearing jeans, tracksuit bottoms or trainers you should be instantly alarmed, this is absolutely not what should be worn and highly unprofessional.

Personal Protection Equipment is not always comfy to wear, it can be bulky and in the summer very hot, but it is worn for a reason, protection.

Wearing it shows shows your commitment to under taking a job in a professional and safe manner.

For tree surgery the basic PPE items are chainsaw boots and chainsaw trousers which provide cut protection from a moving chainsaw chain, a chainsaw helmet providing protection for the head, face and ears.

Of course there are many other items of PPE that can be chosen to be used or worn when working, often varying on the type of job you are undertaking, some of which may be obvious others not so.

Gloves are an obvious one, both chainsaw or simple work gloves. These are found in varying thickness to protect from simple wear and tear on your hands through to thick gauntlets providing protection from the very dangerous thorns found on Blackthorn and the like.

Some tree surgeons choose to wear chainsaw gloves, however many choose not to as they find on balance using a chainsaw without is safer due to better grip and dexterity, it is very much personal choice.

There are less obvious ones too, suitable waterproof clothing for example, keeping workers dry and able to work safely and efficiently.

A less obvious one being sunscreen, the long term effects of working outdoors all year long can be life changing.

So when choosing a contractor for your tree or hedge care, ensure that they will be working with the correct personal protection equipment.