Tree Surgeon East Devon


Tree Surgeon East Devon

East Devon Tree Surgery & Vegetation Specialists.

Tree Surgeon East Devon. Tree Surgery – Hedge Cutting –  Stump Grinding – Vegetation Clearance – Bamboo Removal – All Tree Services

Absolute Professionalism – where safety, quality of workmanship and client care comes first, this is backed up by our numerous 5* reviews.

We are a local East Devon business, covering East Devon, West Dorset, South Somerset, Exeter areas.

Efficient and reliable. Our telephone is always answered, our admin team swiftly dealing with enquiries and quotes.

Devon Arborists – Tree Surgeon East Devon.
Whether you need a tree surgeon to trim a few branches or a complete tree removal, we are here to help you.
Call us now for a FREE no obligation quote. 07485 411618

We are “East Devon Tree Surgery Specialists” all we do is trees, stumps, hedges and vegetation.

We are “Specialists” cetainly not a “Jack Of All Trades”
We don’t do landscaping or fencing, we specialise in one industry and do it well.

Devon Arborists Reviews

From the moment of first contact you will find us professional, reliable and efficient.

The amazing feedback from our clients gives an insight into who we are and how we operate, let us help you with your work.

Tree Surgeon East Devon

Site & Garden Clearance East Devon

Garden Clearance & Vegetation Management.
Let us swiftly and efficiently remove overgrown vegetation and trees from your garden or development site.
We can remove trees, shrubs, hedges, brambles or other vegetation, clearing your garden for future gardening or building works.

Call us now 07485 411618

  • Pre & Post House Sales
  • Development Sites
  • Overgrown Gardens
Stump Grinding East Devon


Stump Grinding East Devon

Remove unsightly, dangerous and inconvenient stumps in your garden.
We are able to grind any size of tree stumps in virtually any location, all we need is a gateway width for access.
Whether a single tree stump or perhaps a row of stumps from a hedge removal we can help. Call 07485 411618
Discounted rates for multiple stumps.

  • East Devon, West Dorset, Exeter Areas
  • Narrow Access – Will Fit Through Garden Gates
Bamboo Removal East Devon, West Dorset, Exeter


Bamboo Removal East Devon, West Dorset, Exeter

Bamboo is a destructive invasive plant capable of causing damage to gardens and homes.
Act Now before your bamboo spreads further and causes more damage.

Call Our Team 07485 411618

Hedge Cutting East Devon


Hedge Cutting East Devon

Let us take the strain of your hedge cutting.
Hedge trimming, hedge height reductions, or hedge removals.
No matter what size of hedge we can quickly and efficiently manage your hedge.
Waste is always removed and your garden left clean and tidy.
East Devon, West Dorset and Exeter Areas.

FREE No Obligation Quotes – 07485 411618
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147 reviews on
June 10, 2024.
I recently had the need to hire a bamboo removal company, and I couldn't be happier with the service from Devon Arborists. From the initial consultation to the final clean-up, they were professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. The team worked diligently to remove the bamboo without causing any damage to my property and also from my neighbours property as the bamboo had spread. It’s the second time I have used them and the second time of being highly impressed!! Highly recommend their services.
May 17, 2024.
What a great bunch! Really friendly, professional team, super careful and tidy. We had a significant number of large leylandi removed and an ash crown reduced. Super smooth couple of days and the garden looks great. Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed.
Jayne Hawes
May 14, 2024.
Fast efficient friendly service from Max and the team. Topping two and removal of one tree really pleased with work. Very tidy left garden as they found it. Would definitely use again. Thank you all.
Christine Would
May 10, 2024.
Excellent service working on a tree. Would highly recommend
Leeanne Robb
May 10, 2024.
Max, Theo and the team have done a great job on our quite challenging property in Lyme Regis. Situated on a hill the team were still able to get their impressive equipment to do the necessary tree felling, stump grinding and general pruning. Their extremely positive attitude and helpfulness made the experience a real pleasure !! Thanks guys, keep up the good work.
Ann Lee
March 7, 2024.
Superb job, so much light let into the garden after 2 trees removed. Lots of other small jobs done leaving the garden much better for it. Rebooked already to do some more improvements. They also leave everything so clean and tidy, you wouldn’t know they had been.
Peter Soothill
March 1, 2024.
I recommend this service. They are very knowledgeable of the East Devon area and can be trusted even when working at unoccupied properties or where a vulnerable person lives. The costs and timing are accurately described and they seem well equipped and skilled.
Deborah Osborne
March 1, 2024.
Max and his team did a wonderful job of thinning out the top of our birch tree and pruning some of our other trees. Very diligent and careful with their work, friendly team, punctual, and tidied up beautifully. They also very kindly did an extra prune on a bay tree which was a last minute request from me and did it with no fuss or bother at all. Will definitely use Devon Arborists again.
Graham Palfreman
December 14, 2023.
Efficient polite and professional. Sympathetic to needs of customer and trees
Peter Desmond
December 5, 2023.
We were thoroughly delighted with the efficiency, tidyness and pleasant manner of Max and his team in carrying out what to us was a major exercise involving tree removal, stump grinding and extensive cutting back of conifers. They did exactly what we required, professionally and without fuss. We highly recommend Max and the team and we will not hesitate to use them again to help with our ash dieback and willow pollarding requirements! Peter & Lynda Desmond Aylesbeare

You can read all of our Google Reviews on our Google Business Listing
Devon Arborists Google Reviews

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Pre House Sale Garden Blitz


Pre House Sale Garden Blitz

Fixed Price Time Based Sessions

“The biggest deterrant for homebuyers is an overgrown garden, which can reduce a property value by 14%”
The Express Newspaper August 7th 2023

  • Amazing Return On Investment
  • Remove Negative Feelings
  • Improve House Offers

East Devon, West Dorset and Exeter Areas.

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Roadside Tree Clearance East Devon

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Personal Protection Equipment PPE

Personal Protection Equipment PPE Personal protection equipment is the very first item on the check list in any business involved with tree surgery or hedge maintenance. Every single job will involve tools and machinery that can injure and possibly cause a much worse...

Why Use Devon Arborists

Why Use Devon Arborists ? We pride ourselves on our totally professional attitude and customer service, we are focussed on all aspects of our business from the initial enquiry to clearing the last leaf away. Not only do we have skilled and polite arborists but we have...

Ash Dieback Removal East Devon

Ash Dieback Removal East Devon Ash dieback removal East Devon by Devon Arborists. A fungal disease causing rapid decline in Ash trees. Ash dieback is affecting trees right across the UK and will result in the large majority being removed over the next few years,...

What Shape Is Your Hedge

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Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas and how it affects tree works. If your property or tree of interest lies in a Conservation Area there are planning restrictions as to what works may be carried out, this can also affect hedges. These restrictions are in place to protect areas of...

Information & Answers

We Cover These Areas.

We are based in East Devon and our tree services cover all East Devon and Exeter areas, West Dorset and South West Somerset.

Our geographical area extents to Charmouth in the East, extending down to around Teignmouth in the West and extends northwards to Crediton, across towards Tiverton and then over towards Chard in South West Somerset.

Devon Arborists – Tree Surgeon East Devon, West Dorset, Exeter – 07485 411618

Our Lead Times.

We aim to keep our lead times as low as possible, normally we can undertake larger jobs within approximately four to eight weeks, it is advisable to plan and book ahead.
If your particular job is smaller it is often possible to fit it in sooner than this.
We are working in the East Devon and Exeter area every day, so it is often possible to add smaller jobs to our work schedule.

Comparing Quotes

We always provide written quotes for all prospective contracts detailing the planned works and the fixed cost that we have quoted.
This gives protection to both parties, leaving no doubt of the work or the cost.
However, if you receive more than one quote for tree services, it is absolutely vital that you are comparing like for like.

We very often hear of cut price quotes, but it is no great surprise that corners have been cut, or the works suggested are very inferior.
We always quote to give our high standard of workmanship, professionalism and customer care.

We will undertake your contract fully equipped, with the latest equipment, we will always be wearing suitable personal protection equipment, your work will be carried out to the highest standards.

Typical examples of cut price quotes are hedges left with a poor quality of finish or cut back to an unsuitable level. We very often see hedges that are left to grow larger and larger either in height or out over paths, roads or gardens from years of substandard work.

WARNING – the worst situations are cut price quotes for tree works, this invariably leads to rushed work and taking undue risks, endangering property and the safety of people and the tree surgeon, rushed jobs can lead to injuries and much worse.

By reading our reviews from previous clients, you will see that our costs are very fair and reasonable for the service that we provide.

Devon Arborists – Tree Services East Devon, West Dorset, Exeter.

Do You Take The Waste Away?

Yes we do.
We always remove all waste unless requested not to, or there is a reason that we can not and this has been agreed by the client.
An example of this may be working in an area that is a significant distance away from a vehicle accessible point. This is always agreed beforehand. This situation is very rare.
If we are removing trees, our clients sometimes wish to keep the timber for burning, again this is something that is agreed beforehand.

Our Property Is In A Conservation Area

If your property lies in a Conservation Area and you would like work on a tree you need to give your local council Notification Of Proposed Works.
This is applicable to all trees that have a diameter of 75mm or more measured at a height of 1.5m. If reducing the number of trees in a group for the benefit of the remaining trees, the size is slightly greater at 100mm at 1.5m. This situation is for thinning trees in a copse or similar.

There are some exemptions to this however. The maintenance pruning of fruit trees. Works for a statutory obligation.

Hedges to some degree are exempt but not for all situations. Maintenance hedge trimming is fine. Large height reductions may need a Notification. Any significant work to a significant hedge of interest. For example, ancient Devon bank hedge row. Individual trees [ as opposed to trees that have been maintained at a set hedge height ] that make up a hedge row would also need a Notification given.

Giving the Notification gives the Council the chance to apply a Tree Preservation Order TPO if it considers the tree or hedgerow worthy of protection.

East Devon, West Dorset & Exeter have large areas covered by Conservation Area status. We can check if your property lies within one.

Our Tree Has A Tree Preservation Order.

If you have a tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order you must not have any work done to it without permission from the planning department of your local council. This includes “Just cutting back a few branches” as we are asked very often.

Tree Preservation Orders are there to protect significant trees or trees that provide amenity value.
Tree Preservation Orders can apply to single trees, groups of trees, whole areas or hedgerows.

East Devon, West Dorset & Exeter both have large amounts of trees and areas that are covered by Tree Preservation Orders.

You can check to see if one of your tyres or hedges is protected by a Tree Preservation Order by clicking the links below.

East Devon Tree Preservation Order Map

Bird Nesting Season

There is often lots of confusion and misinformation around nesting season.

It is often thought that the so called “ Nesting Season” has fixed dates with hedge and tree works not permitted at this time, this is not accurate information.

Many people believe nesting season runs from the end of March till the beginning of September, these stated dates are only a guide as to when many birds may be nesting, and when the word “ Nesting” is mentioned it could be building the nest, at the point of laying eggs, sat on eggs, or young in the nest.
Nesting can actually happen at any time of the year, especially with pigeons.

Reputable tree surgeons will check for birds nesting at all times of the year, along with other wildlife, if active nests are found then works will need to stop, perhaps on part of a job or all of it.

Active birds nests are protected by law under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.The main points which concern tree surgeons are as follows.
“Intentionally take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built.”
“Intentionally or recklessly disturb any wild bird listed on Schedule 1 while it is nest building, or at a nest containing eggs or young, or disturb the dependent young of such a bird.”

It is very common for tree surgeons to have a number of jobs either delayed or parts of the works delayed at this time of the year waiting for the nest to be finished with.
We hope this provides some useful information and provides clearer information around nesting season.
Devon Arborists Tree Surgeon East Devon, West Dorset, Exeter – 07485 411618

Ash Dieback East Devon, West Dorset & Exeter.

Ash dieback is affecting ash trees across the UK, a fungal disease that leads to rapid decline and failure of ash trees.
Ash trees that become infected, rapidly become unsafe, shedding limbs with the possibility of total failure.
Due to the nature of the disease, the tree becomes very brittle and unstable.

It is regarded in the industry that these trees should not be climbed for dismantle and removal, they should be accessed by the use of cherry pickers (MEWP – Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) or removal by machines.

We are able to provide removal for any ash dieback infected tree.

Devon Arborists – Tree Surgeon East Devon 07485 411618

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