Free Firewood Logs East Devon
Free firewood logs are often available in East Devon and at this time of unprecedented fuel price increases we feel it’s everyone’s moral responsibility to help others in our community.
We all often have knowledge, abilities or material things that can help others.
This sharing of resources can make a big difference to our communities and our day to day lives making the world we live in a better place.
As tree surgeons we are often asked to remove trees and remove the timber, this timber can provide valuable free heating once cut and dried, there are many people in this rural area who have wood burning stoves, this free energy source could be a life changer or even a life saver for someone in your community.
We urge anyone who is having a tree removed whether by us Devon Arborists or another tree surgeon to think very carefully before the timber is removed, that timber could change the day to day life of one of your neighbours.
Many of you will have social media, it’s local information giving abilities are enormous.
If you are having a tree removed just plan ahead, add a post on a local Facebook Group, talk to local people in your community, ask the question “Do you need free firewood ?”
Obviously anyone wanting the free logs would have to be able to collect them.
Free Firewood Logs East Devon
To get the most from any timber, it is recommended to cut to length and to be split as soon as possible and left to thoroughly dry in an airy but dry location.
The drier the wood is when it’s burnt the better the burn will be and the more heat it will give out.
When wet wood is burnt, the combustion is inefficient, smokey and most of the heat will be used to boil off the water contained in the wood.
Most types of wood can be burnt to provide a good heat source once dried, however some are less ideal than others.
For example conifers produce less heat for a given size log and may produce more tar build up needing flues to be swept more often.
The best woods for firewood are generally considered to be, Ash, Oak, Beech, Birch and Yew.
There are a few woods to be avoided, including Poplar, Willow & Laburnum.
Do something to help someone else, just ask the question “Do you need Free Firewood ?”
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Free Firewood Logs East Devon
Free Firewood Logs East Devon