Bamboo, an invasive and fast-growing plant, comes in two primary types: clumping and running bamboo. While they share some similarities, there are distinct differences between these two types in terms of growth habits, containment, and management. Let’s explore these differences further.

Clumping bamboo, as the name suggests, tends to grow in tight clumps or clusters. It has a more contained growth habit compared to running bamboo. Clumping bamboo sends up new shoots close to the original plant, resulting in a more predictable and compact growth pattern. The rhizomes, underground stems that give rise to new shoots, tend to grow in a relatively confined area.

Running bamboo, on the other hand, is characterised by its aggressive and expansive growth. It spreads through its rhizomes, which can extend horizontally underground, producing shoots at various distances from the parent plant. Running bamboo has the potential to spread rapidly, making it important to manage its growth and prevent it from becoming invasive in unintended areas.

The growth rate of clumping and running bamboo also differs. Clumping bamboo tends to have a slower growth rate compared to running bamboo, which can be more vigorous and spread rapidly. The growth rate may vary among different species within each type, but as a general trend, running bamboo tends to be faster-growing.

When it comes to containment and management, clumping bamboo is often easier to control. Due to its more contained growth habit, clumping bamboo generally requires less effort to maintain its desired shape and size. It is easier to confine clumping bamboo to a specific area, making it suitable for smaller gardens or restricted spaces.

Managing running bamboo requires more attention to prevent it from spreading uncontrollably. The rhizomes of running bamboo can extend beyond the intended area, potentially invading neighbouring properties or garden beds. To control its growth, containment measures such as barriers or regular maintenance through rhizome pruning are typically employed to prevent unwanted spreading.

In summary, the primary differences between clumping and running bamboo lie in their growth habits, containment requirements, and management considerations. Clumping bamboo grows in tight clumps, has a slower growth rate, and is generally more contained, making it easier to manage. Running bamboo, on the other hand, spreads aggressively through its rhizomes, grows faster, and requires more careful containment and management to prevent it from becoming invasive. Understanding these distinctions can help gardeners and landscapers choose the most suitable type of bamboo for their specific needs and environment.

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