Ash Dieback Removal East Devon

Ash dieback removal East Devon by Devon Arborists. A fungal disease causing rapid decline in Ash trees.

Ash dieback is affecting trees right across the UK and will result in the large majority being removed over the next few years, changing the whole look of the countryside, especially East Devon due to the large number of Ash trees.

The chronic fungal disease swiftly causes leaf loss and dieback of the crown, typically spotted by looking at the ends of branches which become bare.

The disease was first recognised in 2006 coming from Asia, its full name is Hymenoscyphus Fraxineus also known as Chalara.

Symptons start with leaves developing dark areas which gradually wilt and turn black, they may also fall off prematurely. Lesions develop where braches join the main trunk, very often lots of new small growth at lower levels, this epicormic growth is a sure sign of tree stress.

Ash dieback causes trees to become very brittle, with limb failure likely, it is a devastating disease that leads to very quick tree decline and often failure.

Due to the nature of ash dieback, once spotted swift removal is recommended as the condition will only get worse and as the tree’s condition deteriorates the removal process can be made much harder.

Due to the trees rapidly becoming brittle, where possible machine access is recommended on safety grounds, we at Devon Arborists use our own MEWP [cherry picker] for this job.

Devon Arborists are able to help you with all Ash dieback removal in East Devon, our team can be contacted on 07485 411618

For more information on Ash Dieback you can visit the Woodland Trust Ash Die Back page on their website.