Conservation Areas and how it affects tree works.
If your property or tree of interest lies in a Conservation Area there are planning restrictions as to what works may be carried out, this can also affect hedges.
These restrictions are in place to protect areas of importance or amenity value, normally they are around historic parts of towns and villages or areas of great beauty. These planning restrictions affect all areas of planning.

This basically means that any works upon trees you need to give 6 weeks prior notification to your LPA [ Local Planning Authority], this notification gives the Council time to decide whether the tree should be protected by a TPO [Tree Preservation Order]
This restriction can also affect hedges, if you are planning on making significant changes, the hedge has large amenity value or the hedge is ancient it would certainly be best practice to give notification.

There are exemptions however, fruit tree pruning is exempt, removal is not. Trees under 75mm trunk diameter at a height off 1.5m are exempt, or more than 100mm if you are removing small trees to benefit other surrounding trees.

For full guidance we suggest you visit the UK Government website

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